Peer Gynt Schedule 2018-2019 Season

Rehearsals 1:00 to 2:30 at St. Paul Church, 609 5th St. S., Stillwater, MN between Willard and Walnut Streets. Enter from the parking lot off 4th St. Our meeting spot is downstairs, past the stairway, straight ahead. Let us make a concerted effort to attend every meeting and performance this year  ON TIME!

Saturday, Sept. 8th: 1 – 2:30. Inviting and welcoming new friends. Who are the Sami people of Norway? Sami bracelets with Sami sayings. Sports medals will be part of our focus this year. New dance video: Nordre Sunmore Sandsvaeril. Old dances: Lettisk polka & Tre Tur fra Fana, Jomfru, Jomfru, Rugen, and Ikodnet.

Saturday, Oct. 13th: 1 – 2:30.  Norske Håndklappe. Sami culture continued with an arctic Sami fairy tale. Sami bracelet.We will fill out our sports medals chart for each of you every month to track your progress. Continue our new dance: Nordre Sunmore Sandsvaeril. Rehearse Tre Tur fra Fana, Olaf’s Skål, Farandole, Jomfru, Jomfru, Ikodnet, Seksmansril and Rugen.

Saturday, Oct. 27th – Torsk and Meatball dinner at Gustavus Adolphus, 1669 Arcade St., St. Paul. Turn off Hwy. 61/ Arcade St. at Idaho St. to enter the south parking lot. You can volunteer to serve water, coffee, milk, bus dishes, serve dessert, help with the Silent Auction and bake sale or enjoy the dinner. Wear your bunad please. Baking donations welcome!

Saturday, Nov. 10th: 1 – 2:30. It is all about the reindeer for the Sami and their migration patterns. Seasons for Sami families revolve around the reindeer herd.  Clothing, buttons, jewelry, and shelter provided by reindeer. We will fill out our sports medals chart. Sandsvaeril, and Dobbel reinlender, Fjåskern, Familie Sekstur. Norske Håndklappe. Sami bracelet & saying.

*Saturday, Dec. 1st: 1 – 2:30 (Note that we are meeting the first Sat. of the month instead of the second as per usual.) Baking our traditional favorites: krumkake,kringla, sandbakkels. Let’s try a new Norwegian recipe for brunkaker and  pepperkaker too. Bring a cookie tin or Tupperware to take some treats home. Afterwards, we will rehearse our entire Union Depot playlist for Sunday.

Sunday, Dec. 2nd: Union Depot performance at 1:00. Wear your bunad with a Norwegian sweater, hat and mittens. We will dance every one we know.

Saturday, Jan. 12th: 1 – 2:30. Try the Sami game – lasso the reindeer! Fish toss and sledding.  1 – 1:40  Stillwater Middle School hill, 523 W. Marsh. Return to St. Paul church for our meeting 1:45 – 2:30. Update your sports medal chart. Sandsvaeril and Dobbel reinlender, Seksmansril, Treklappdans på rekkje.

Saturday, Feb. 9th: 1 – 2:30. Yoik, is the name of a Sami vocal musical singing.  The words and melody are improvised. A yoik is only shared with close friends or family. We will listen to a recorded Sami yoik and try our own. Sami National Day is Feb. 6th. Sandsvaeril and Dobbel reinlender, Trans – Atlantic mixer. Are you achieving your sport medal goal? Fill in your chart.

Sun. Mar. 3rd – A Tusen Takk, thank you performance in Stillwater
at the St. Paul Lutheran Church where we meet this year –
609 5th St. S., Stillwater,Mn. Please arrive in your bunad ready to
perform by 11:15. A short church service downstairs at 11, so we
will meet in the hall. Dancing from 11:30 – 12.

Saturday, Mar. 9th: 1 – 2:30. Rehearse for the Festival of Nations audition. Sandsvaeril, Dobbel reinlender, Seksmansril. Aurora Borealis above the arctic circle, part of Sami migration territory.  Clearest skies for viewing is in March.

Sunday, March 17  2:40. Audition for the 2019 Festival of Nations (held in May). This will be at the International Institute, 1694 Como Ave., St. Paul.
Children audition first at 2:40 with the Teens group directly afterwards.

Tuesday, Apr. 9th: Performance at 7 for Synnøve-Nordkap membership dinner at Gustavus Adolphus Church, 1669 Arcade, St. Paul. Rehearsal 6:15 – 7. Come in your bunad, ready to dance. We need everyone!

Saturday, Apr. 13th: 1 – 2:30. Sami weddings, dressing in traditional red,green, blue    and gold “gakti” with reindeer skin shoes. There are reindeer sled races and yoik singing, all part of a huge Easter time festival in Kautokeino, Norway. Rehearse Sandsvaeril, Dobbel reinlender, Rugen, Families Sekstur.

Saturday, May 4th: Festival of Nations performance at the St. Paul River Centre.

Saturday, May 11th: 1 – 2:30. Sports medal ceremony. Will you achieve bronze, or silver this year?  Sami flag and Syttende Mai in Norway.

May 18th–possible performance in Litchfield.

Tuesday June 18th – Island Lake Park picnic. Dance around Maypole. Troll hunt.