What are these cultural skills pins?

Through the Sons of Norway Foundation, Peer Gynt Dancers have an opportunity to earn several cultural skills pins. Folk dancing, of course, but dancers have also earned pins for figure carving and knitting. Students work on projects they learn at Peer Gynt that help them meet the requirements of the cultural skills unit. Mrs. Stow has the paperwork for students to fill out and she will mail it into headquarters and your pin will be given out at a future Peer Gynt meeting.

Your first pin is the big round one with a hanging piece naming the skill. Subsequent pins are the hanging piece, so eventually, your pin could grow to be quite long and impressive.


Peer Gynt Families can log onto the members-only section of the Sons of Norway Foundation website to find more information under “cultural skills.”

Youth Cultural Skills

Figure Carving Get the unit PDF

Folk Dancing Get the unit PDF

Handknitting Get the unit PDF

Hardanger Embroidery Get the unit PDF

Norwegian and North American Stamps Get the unit PDF

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