Early Bird Deadline December 1

It’s not too early to dream of summer! Concordia Langue Villages offers some extra incentives to sign up for camp by December 1st. Our Lodge scholarship deadline is February 15th and requires proof of registration so you may as well get it done early and enter the  prize drawing. For more info on Lodge scholarships to Skogfjorden and Masse Moro, visit our Lodge website. Here … Continue reading Early Bird Deadline December 1

Scholarships available!

Dear Peer Gynt Dancers and Families, Our Synnøve Nordkap Lodge offers generous scholarships to youth lodge members to attend Norwegian language summer camps. At our last meeting we heard about Skogfjorden, the Concordia Language Village in Bemidji. There is also Masse Moro in Wisconsin. The scholarship deadline is February 15th.  You can find links to the camps and scholarship applications here: http://synnove1.com/Scholarships.html The Lodge also makes … Continue reading Scholarships available!

What are these cultural skills pins?

Through the Sons of Norway Foundation, Peer Gynt Dancers have an opportunity to earn several cultural skills pins. Folk dancing, of course, but dancers have also earned pins for figure carving and knitting. Students work on projects they learn at Peer Gynt that help them meet the requirements of the cultural skills unit. Mrs. Stow has the paperwork for students to fill out and she … Continue reading What are these cultural skills pins?

Looking Ahead to a New Year

Welcome back, Peer Gynt Families! Hope you all enjoyed a great summer filled with exciting adventures. Mrs. Stow has sent out a new schedule (posted here). Please note important information about new meeting locations! Your webmistress has given the website a slight refresh with new photos from Patrick Rhone. Please send additional photos to saslanian68@yahoo.com.  We especially need warm-weather photos! Looking forward to seeing everyone … Continue reading Looking Ahead to a New Year

See Norway’s Tinndølan Youth Dancers!

This Sunday,  July 30   Saint Olav’s Day Tinndølan, award-winning young performers of Norwegian folk dance and music  from Telemark, Norway, will participate in the Norwegian “Folkemusikkmesse” at 11 a.m. at Mindekirken in Minneapolis and continue with a full performance at 1 p.m., following a lunch break. Don’t miss the chance to see these amazing dancers!   Continue reading See Norway’s Tinndølan Youth Dancers!

Congratulations, Mae!

Peer Gynt Dancer Awarded Lund Fund Scholarship Corrie Knudson (left) of the Sons of Norway Foundation congratulated Mae Hovland during a performance by the Peer Gynt Dancers at  the Synnøve Nordkap Lodge meeting April 11 2017. Photo: Ron Stow. Mae Hovland, a graduating senior who has danced with our group for 11 years, will get an extra boost during her year in Japan next year thanks … Continue reading Congratulations, Mae!

Language Camp Scholarship Deadline Feb 15

One of the nicest perks of participating in our Youth Lodge is the chance to attend high-quality language immersion camps thanks to generous scholarships from our  Synnøve Nordkap Lodge. Eligible campers can receive funding from our District as well as our Lodge. Here are the steps: Find the camp that’s right for you. We have two choices: the Concordia Language Villages Norwegian camp in Bemidji called … Continue reading Language Camp Scholarship Deadline Feb 15